Need Prescription Lenses?

All of our glasses at are fitted with non-prescription, plastic lenses, coated with a blue light blocking filter.


If you require prescription blue light blocking lenses in your glasses, you can purchase these through our prescription glasses website  We offer all of the same frames that you will find here at BlueLightGlasses, along with many more, including designer brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley.  

As well as blue light blocking filter on the lenses, you will be able to choose from varifocal, bifocal or single vision lenses.  Sunglasses tints, transitions and polarised lenses are also available, along with the benefit of thinner, high index lens options. 


We manufacturer all of our glasses in our own custom laboratory in Buckinghamshire, UK and have over 23,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot.  You can also visit us in our outlet.


All you need is your glasses prescription!

If you find a frame here on BlueLightGlasses that you wish to customise with prescription lenses, you will find a link in the frame description that will take you to the same product on DirectSight where you can customise with the prescription lenses of your choice. 

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